Halter Show

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AOA Show Rules & Guidelines will be followed for the entire show.

Halter Show

Regular Classes:

  • Full Fleece

Production Classes:

  • Get of Sire
  • Produce of Dam
  • Breeder’s Best Three
  • Bred and Owned Production

View the Halter/Performance Class List [PDF]

Judging is based on 60/40, 60% fleece and 40% conformation.

Stall fees include one (1) bag of cardboard bedding and electrical hookups. Stalls are 8x8. Limit of 3 animals per stall.

Show Fees

Halter Show entries per alpaca $45.00 (Includes $6.00 AOA fee)

Halter Production Classes per class $36.00

  • Get of Sire
  • Produce of Dam
  • Breeder’s Best Three
    Group Production entries must be eligible and entered in the show in their respective Full Fleece Halter Classes
  • Bred and Owned Production

Non-AOA member fee per Farm $80
(one non-member fee covers entry into all events)

Please Note: The Halter Optional/Production Classes will be held on Sunday morning during the regular Halter Show.

Cancellation Policy: The online registration will be open thru midnight on 9/30/2017. Any changes after that day will incur a $10.00 fee for every change made (Halter & Fleece). All cancellations will be charged a $50.00 fee and there are no refunds after 10/1/2017.

Awards: Trophies and Ribbons

1st to 6th place ribbons awarded.

Color and Reserve Color Championships offered when entries meet the requirement of 10 huacayas or 8 suris per breed, per gender, per color group SHOWN.

Show Rules

1. Online Registration must be completed.

2. Alpacas must be registered with ARI; NO Pending ARI Registration Papers will be accepted.

3. Entries must include copy of ARI Certificate, completed registration and the Owner of Record form if you do not own the alpaca you are showing (formally called the Buyer Permission to Show form) as well as full registration fees. Buyer’s Permission to Show and Owner of Record form can be found at www.alpacashows.com.

4. Entries must be entered into the online system by 9/30/2017.

5. Veterinary documents required for non-breeder/gelding classes must be included with entries.

6. To be allowed entry to the show, the owner shall submit a copy of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Health Certificate), which shall include the ARI number, alpaca name as on the ARI certificate, microchip #, and negative BVD results with testing method for each alpaca entering the show grounds, including companion or private treaty alpacas. The Show Superintendent will keep a copy of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection as permanent records for the show.

7. All alpacas entering the show grounds must show proof of a negative PCR test or a negative VI test (VI prior to 1/1/2011) for BVD (NO other types of BVD testing will be accepted)

8. The Halter Show Class Divisions 501 to 510 (Get of Sire; Produce of Dam; Breeders Best Three) are Optional Halter classes; entries in these groups REQUIRE that your alpaca ALSO be entered in the appropriate Age-Color-Gender-Breed Halter class. (See Optional Halter Classes, Part VIII, Section 6, AOA Show Division Handbook)

9. Alpacas entered in the Bred & Owned Production classes may NOT be entered in their appropriate Age-Color-Gender-Breed Halter class.

10. Exhibitor Rule Halter Show: The owner may enter only 3 alpacas per breed type, per gender, per age division, per color designation.

11. Classes may be divided or combined according to AOA show rules, depending on the number of entries.

12. Color designation refers to one of the colors shown in the current ARI Color Chart plus the multicolor types described in the Part VII, Section 2, AOA Show Division Handbook. Please use actual color of fiber at skin line, regardless of what your ARI certificate says. All colors will be verified at check-in according to the ARI Color Chart.

Mandatory Exhibitor Disclosure [PDF]

Under the 2017 Show Division Handbook Rules, certain alpacas are automatically disqualified from competition and certain Exhibitors & Handlers are prohibited from personally showing in front of a Judge when a business or financial relationship exists between an AOA Certified Judge and their customers.

Each year at contract renewal time, our Judges are required to disclose those alpacas, exhibitors and handlers who cannot be shown in their show ring when judging at an AOA Certified show.

Beginning with the AOA 2007 National Conference (May 16-20, 2007), Exhibitors will also be required to disclose business and financial relationships with Judges and be required to acknowledge animals entered into the competitions that are not allowed to show in front of certain Judges at each show they attend. Beginning with the AOA National Conference, this disclosure will now be required from exhibitors during registration periods for all AOA Certified Shows. This is being done to make sure Exhibitors understand the written rules and to eliminate confusion for Exhibitors & Handlers about which alpacas, Exhibitors & Handlers cannot walk into a Judge’s show ring during competition.

Please take a moment to review the 2016 Show Division Handbook rules to familiarize yourself with the rules under which you or your alpaca would be disqualified from entering the show ring during AOA Certified Show competitions.

Using your 2017 AOA Show Division Handbook, please see Part 5. Rules & Ethics for All Show Participants; Section 2 S. An alpaca/fleece is disqualified from competition if….

Also, please review the following list of ABR Fall Festival Judges and their assignments:

Halter Judges:
Sharon Loner – all females
Helen Testa  – all males

Fleece Judges:
Ken Hibbits, Diana Timmerman  – regular fleece
Sara Jane McLennan – walking fleece

Performance Judge:
Ken Hibbits

To help with your show entries, please refer to the AOA Show Division Handbook.


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